Dancing Demon

What Demon’s work is this game?
She Devil! stoking passion’s flame

Delicious, decadently dancing fiend
In the burning caverns of my mind

Beneath a guilty moon and soulful sky
You  lead me into delightful sin, why?

Your hungry lips insatiable on my skin
I must resist your touch, cannot give in

Your body sways, taunting me, teasing
Your form is luscious, and so pleasing

Sensuous, beguiling, alluring temptation
Where is the Priest to perform rites of purgation

I am lost to darkness and  a creature of night
Succubus, forged from perdition and infernal light

The fires of hell may consume my eternal soul
With you, my demon lover, I am healed and whole

Eily Nash ~2019

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